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Eagle Butte High School Work Experience

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So … you got yourself a new job!  Congratulations.  You are probably on this page because you want to get school credits along with your earnings.  Smart!  In order to do so, you need to make arrangements with an EBHS Off Campus Coordinator.  He/she will set up a contract between you, EBHS and your new employer.

Now you need to document your progress.  Most of the forms you need are now digitized.  You can print them if you want, but these forms have been designed to be filled out on your computer, tablet or even your mobile phone.  The complete package can be downloaded as a zip file, but if you have a specific need, the individual forms are listed below the zip file.

     Summer Work Experience Complete package zip file

Or, individual forms:

     2020 Summer Work Experience Checklist     

     Monthly Time Sheet for May

     Monthly Time Sheet for June

     Monthly Time Sheet for July

     Monthly Time Sheet for August

     Student Self-Evaluation (Same form for midterm and final)

     Employer Second Evaluation

     Learning Plan - you may need to refer to this when completing your time-sheets by hand.  You may

     also need to refer to it while completing your self evaluations.

Remember though … none of this count for credit unless you have a contract in place first.  Make sure that you set things up by speaking to an EBHS Off Campus Coordinator.

If you have any questions regarding summer work experience, please contact Mr. Ricci, Mrs. Kirchner or Mr. Wihnan.

For Employers:

     What to do if a student is injured

     Employer First Visit Evaluation of Work Experience Student

     Employer Second Visit Evaluation of Work Experience Student