Science 30

Science 30

Unit B - Chemistry

Digital Textbook

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B00 - Chemistry Intro  

B01 - Products of Combustion Reactions

     •  Video:  Source of CO, NOx and SOx ( note anthropogenic means man made)

     •  B01 eTest

B02 - Acids and Bases

     •  Video:  Hydronium Ion and Acidity

     •  B02 eTest

B03 - Impact of Acid Deposition on Ecosystems

     •  B03 eTest

B04 - Quantifying Acids and Bases

     •  Video:  General Description of pH

     •  Video:  Titration Procedure

     •  Video:  1 to 1 Titration Calculation

B05 - Learning From Acid Deposition

     •  Video:  Chemistry of Acid Deposition

     •  B05 eTest

B06 - Organic Compounds

     •  Video:   How to name branched Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes

     •  B06 eTest

B07 - Alcohols, Carboxylic Acids and Esters

     •  B07 eTest

Chem Cumulative Exam - Only accessible during designated time.

Unit Review Documents