Physics 30

Physics 30

Unit C - Electromagnetic Radiation

Digital Textbook: CH13, CH14

C01 - Electromagnetic Radiation

          C01 EMR Intro Notes

          13.1 eTest

C02 - Measuring the Speed of Light

          C02 Measuring the Speed of Light Lesson

          13.2 eTest

C03 - Reflection and Refraction

          C03 Reflection and Refraction Lesson

C04 - Mirrors

          C04 Mirrors Lesson

          Ray Diagram and Lens Formula Worksheet

          Ray Diagram and Lens Formula Solutions

C05 - Lenses

          C05 Lenses Lesson

          13.4 eTest

C06 - Diffraction

          C06 Diffraction Lesson

C07 - Colour and Polarization

          C07 Colour Addition and Polarization

          13.5 eTest

C08 - Photoelectric Effect

          C08 Photoelectric Effect Lesson

          14.2 eTest

          Planck's Constant Virtual Lab Instructions

C09 - Wave-Particle Duality

          C09 Wave-Particle Duality

          14.3 eTest


Unit Review Documents

          Dickie EMR Worksheets

          Dickie EMR Solutions