Physics 30

Physics 30

Unit B - Forces and Fields

Digital Textbook: CH10, CH11, CH12

B01 - Electrostatics

          B01 Electrostatics Introduction Lesson

B02 - Coulomb's Law

          B02 Coulomb's Law Lesson

          10.2 eTest

B03 - Electric Fields

          B03 Electric Fields Intro Lesson

          11.1 eTest

B04 - Uniform Electric Fields (incl Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment)

          B04 Uniform Electric Fields Lesson

          11.2 eTest

          15.5 eTest

B05 - Conservation of Energy in Electric Fields

          B05 Conservation of Energy in Electric Fields Lesson

          11.3 eTest

B06 - Magnetism

          B06 Magnetism Intro Lesson

          12.1 eTest

B08 - Trajectories in Magnetic Fields

          B08 Trajectories in Magnetic Fields Lesson

          12.2 eTest

B09 - Electromagnetic Induction

          B09 Electromagnetic Induction Lesson

Unit Review Documents

          Dickie Forces and Fields - Electricity Review

          Dickie Forces and Fields - Magnetism Review