Physics 30

Physics 20

Unit E - Oscillatory Motion and Mechanical Waves

Digital Textbook: CH7, CH8

E01 - Hooke's Law and Springs

          Lesson Material

E02 - Pendulums

          Lesson Material

          Video:  Period vs Length

E03 - Waves

          Lesson Material

          Video:  Wave Properties

          Video:  Standing Wave Illusion

E04 - Transverse, Longitudinal and Standing Waves

          Lesson Material

E05 - Superposition, Interference Patterns & Wave Equation

          Lesson Material

          Video:  Calculating Speed of Sound

E06 - Resonance

          Lesson Material

          Video:  Chladni Plates & Resonance

          Video:  Wine Glass Resonance

          Video:  PVC Instrument

          Video:  Mechanical Resonance

E07 - Doppler Effect

          Lesson Material

          Video:  F1 Doppler

          Video:  Sonic Boom

Unit Review Documents

Flipped Videos:

More to come

More to come