Physics 30

Physics 20

Unit A - Kinematics

Digital Textbook: CH1, CH2

A01 - Accuracy and Precision

          Lesson Material

          Video:  Size and Scale

          Video:  Factor Label Method of Conversion

A02 - Uniform and Accelerated Motion

          Lesson Material

          Video:  Vectors

A03 - Velocity and TIme Graphs

          Lesson Material

A04 - Kinematics Equations

          Lesson Material

A05 - Vectors in 2D

          Lesson Material

A06 - Relative Motion

          Lesson Material

          Video:  Zero Ground Speed Soccer Ball

          Video:  Extremely Short Take-off/Landings

          Video:  Crosswind Landings

          Video:  Fast as a Bullet

Review Material


Flipped Videos:

More to come

More to come